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Zyfra develops industrial digitalization technologies, invests in such products and improves the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence environment. Company's key fields of industry are machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil & gas and chemical enterprises. We promote readymade industry solutions in predictive analytics and data analysis, tech processes optimization, machinery and floor staff monitoring.





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Zyfra MDCplus: manufacturing data collection (MDC) system

Do you know what actually happens in your workshop?

To make effective decisions, you need objective information. The first step to increasing productivity is real-time personnel and equipment monitoring.

Zyfra MDCplus is a real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection (MDC) system with hundreds of customizable reports and charts that can be used to track jobs, parts, operations, work centers, OEE, scrap, costs, downtime and people.

Key Features
Data collection scheme

MDCplus key features

Monitoring module

Monitoring of equipment states and downtime reasons in real time on a linear chart, in a table, or on a facility floor plan;

Monitoring of equipment operation parameters (current, power consumed, temperature, speed and feeds, JOG correctors, spindle and axes load, PLC signals, etc.);

Control of equipment power consumption parameters;

Detailed info for each machine (event log, error log, list of measurable parameters for the machine, process information, etc.);

Video monitoring of production areas, option for video capture of individual events;

Setup of controlled events and notifications for appropriate company units (e-mail, SMS);

Reports generation for company managers and units with automatic distribution according to a set schedule;

Display reports on the monitor (TV panel) on the facility floor and on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones);

Trends in equipment and staff performance analysis;

Calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs) for equipment and staff, including OEE, as per ISO 22400-2 2014. KPIs can be calculated based on user-defined formulas.

Production monitoring module

Monitoring of manufactured output and scrap;

Control of the time standards for the execution of technological operations;

Control of telemetry parameters during manufacturing output in order to reduce spoilage;

Generation of shift tasks, routing sheets, and orders;

Report generation on manufactured output and rated time and KPI calculation, including OEE.

Vibration Monitoring and Diagnostics module

Measurements of key parameters characterizing the technical state of key machine components;

Comparison of parameter values with permissible levels and alerts generation when permissible levels are exceeded;

Send data on the actual state of equipment components to the CMMS system;

Crash and impact detection with issuing machine shutdown signals;

CNC Program Management Module

Storage of NC programs;

DNC Communication (ETHERNET, USB, RS232, IFSP);

Analysis of NC program usage and comparison of the code with the standard.

Downtime Management Module

Dispatch of non-scheduled (emergency) repairs and maintenance;

Scheduling of MRO operations based on work hours and actual states of the CNC machine;

Control of the execution of scheduled repairs;

Management and recording of the work of maintenance and repair staff;

Management of procurement for maintenance and repair services;

Documentation support of maintenance and repair operations;

Interaction with external service providers.

API connection for external ERP, CAD/CAM/PDM, MES and BI systems

Synchronized reference data;

Sending documents (order, shift task, routing sheet);

Obtaining actual data (order/operation/machine operation/equipment/employee);

Obtaining any CNC machine operation data.

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Data collection scheme


High-accuracy forecasting, real-time recommendations, and decision-making process automation — which is the most complex and costly production process

Reduction of raw resource consumption
Optimization of production parameters
Virtual sensors
Quality and event prediction
Computer vision
Supply chain management system

How it works

Digital solutions for mining

Taking efficiency and safety of the mine to the next level


Open pit mining
Mining equipment manufacturers
Underground mining
Industrial railway management systems
Processing plants and metallurgy
Robotic vehicles for mining and industial use
Health, safety and risk management systems

Zyfra IIoT Platform

Complex digitization of production processes based on the Industrial Internet of Things, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
Information infrastructure for connecting physical and virtual devices and objects, and for Big data collecting and storing
Common information space for interaction between business and production users
Development and replication of application microservices for specific business scenarios
Access to an expandable App Store

Digital plant

Operations Management Services
  • Rhythmical production

  • Identified and localized losses
  • Optimal quality margin of finished products

  • Timely and sufficient equipment maintenance

Our team


Press release 24 April 2019
Zyfra to Hold Seminar on Machine Monitoring in Kuala Lumpur
Zyfra to Hold Seminar on Machine Monitoring in Kuala Lumpur

Zyfra is going to share its expertise in machine monitoring at  the seminar "Machine Monitoring Is the First Step to Data-Driven Manufacturing and Industry 4.0" in Kuala Lumpur. 
Press release 21 March 2019
One more step towards the Industry 4.0: ZYFRA Group Becomes a Member of the Industrial Internet Consortium
One more step towards the Industry 4.0: ZYFRA Group Becomes a Member of the Industrial Internet Consortium

Finland-based ZYFRA Group became a member of The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), now incorporating OpenFog, the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
Press release 29 January 2019
Latin American miners digital journey starts with Finnish ZYFRA IIoT and AI solutions developer
Latin American miners digital journey starts with Finnish ZYFRA IIoT and AI solutions developer

Finnish digital solutions vendor ZYFRA Group has opened an arm of its subsidiary VIST. The company is an industrial leader in development and implementation of information technologies for digital mining. Together, ZYFRA Group and VIST will initiate a business tour as the primary step to fulfill the technological demand of the Region.
Press release 26 October 2018
ZYFRA to show Finland Industry 4.0 best practices
ZYFRA to show Finland Industry 4.0 best practices

ZYFRA Oy, Finnish major digital solutions developer for international market, will present its real cases and speak about best practices towards the Industry 4.0 for industrial enterprises. ZYFRA, specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based solutions for machinery, oil and gas, mining, steel making and chemical enterprises.

Press release 02 October 2018
Zyfra helped Philip Morris to cut energy costs
Zyfra helped Philip Morris to cut energy costs

ZYFRA Company AI- solution helped Philip Morris full cycle production facility to sufficiently cut energy costs on cooling system. The system uses AI algorithms that reveal the unfulfilled potential for increasing of operational efficiency. Smart recommendation solution was set within 3 month only.
Ksenia Borovikova


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